About Us

Why Hunt and Harris Real Estate

We at Hunt and Harris Real Estate are 100% committed to providing our customers with a highly professional service that will lead you to experience a higher quality of life through your new real estate service. We are unique and different from the wealth of other agencies in our area due to our three key values. These include Customer Centricity, Quality and Transparency. We believe in creating and developing budding, authentic and reliable relationships with every single one of our clients. Clients of Hunt and Harris Real Estate receive only the best and most transparent service, who leave having had the best experience.


Founded in 2007, Hunt and Harris Real Estate

first opened our UAE doors in Ras Al Khamiah.

Since then, our agency has flourished vastly.

How have we grown across the UAE?

We believe we have been able to expand our horizons due to the way we work. We put a great deal of focus into fully satisfying our customer needs. We have an ever-growing clientele who, rest assured, can be confident that they are receiving the highest quality, most efficient and most professional service in our busy marketplace. We strive to achieve honesty, integrity and professionalism in everything we do.

We are able to achieve this and much more due to our state of the art computerized facilities and systems which enable us to help you search for your perfect residential, commercial or investment property.


We incorporate irreplaceable expertise with undeniable customer service which will allow us to become the most inclusive agency and company of choice in the UAE.


We are committed to providing world class products and services, upholding transparency, customer centricity and professional standards at the highest level possible.

Our Management

Wendy Stapleton

Wendy is the Managing Director of our brand. She moved to Dubai in 2003 and developed an incredibly successful real estate career. She worked for several different companies in the market and was able to establish herself as a leading consultant for one of the most successful real estate companies in the UAE. Her wealth of experience and depth of knowledge helped lay the foundation for what would soon become Hunt and Harris Real Estate in 2007.

Neema Kataria

Neema is the Managing Partner of Hunt and Harris Real Estate. She attended Brunel University in London and acquired a degree in Management and made her very first property investment in 2002. After gaining some pretty inexpensible experience during her career, Neema partnered up with a large developer in Dubai and began mentoring a team of young and eager real estate professionals. Neema became a leading broker the industry, and one that was well respected by her peers.

Our Services

Our variety of services each ensure that our customers are experiencing the highest
quality service, and only the most exceptional results. Our services include:

01    Residential Sales

02   Corporate Residential Solutions

03  Portfolio Management

04  Leasing Services

05   Investment Opportunities

06  Property Management Services  

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