What to Look for When Hiring an Agent

Regardless of whether you are purchasing or selling a home, it is important to ensure that you have...
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Buying a Property for a Vacation Home?

A vacation home is a great place for people to relax and unwind. Currently, there is a rise in the...
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Moving to a New Home? Make Your Move Easier with These Tips

Are you looking to move? Although this is an exciting idea, packing everything up and moving can be...
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Purchasing a New Home in a Hot Real Estate Market? These 4 Tips Will Help You Succeed

The Market in Ras Al Khaimah If you are in the market for a new home and you are dealing with a...
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Some mistakes by sellers and how to avoid making them

Since the opening of Hunt and Harris Real Estate we help sellers daily in the quest to sell their...
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The Role of your Property Manager

The role of the property manager can sometimes be misunderstood. Property investors sometimes feel...
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Fun and Easy Housewarming Gifts for a Home

A housewarming gift is a great tradition to show your new neighbors or your old friends that you...
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Buying a New Home? Four Key Questions to Ask Your Mortgage Advisor

Are you looking to purchase a home? In case you plan on borrowing either some or most of the...
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Are you ready for Home Ownership? Answer these questions to find out if you’re ready.

Are you considering finding a house that has a large and roomy living space? Alternatively, you may...
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Some Tips for Preparing a Home for Sale

Some tips for preparing a home for sale Demand for homes in vacation markets, where space is...
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Zoom Room

The Newest Addition To A Buyers’ Wish List: ‘Zoom Rooms’

As remote working becomes the norm, real estate agents are highlighting ‘Zoom rooms’, which are...
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Seller Beliefs

Let it go! Seller Beliefs That No Longer Hold True Today

When it comes to real estate, people still hold on to a host of tired, old-school beliefs that are...
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Clean Bathroom

Things You Should Do Every Day For A Spotless Bathroom

For most people the bathroom is the least favorite space in the entire home to clean. It can be...
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The Most Dirtiest Places In Your Home And How To Clean Them

It wouldn’t take a scientific study to convince you that your pristine and tidy kitchen may still...
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Realities You May Face When Buying As-Is Properties

For bargain-hunting buyers, low-priced fixers are irresistibly tempting. Often, these...
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A Few Reasons A Buyer Should Walk Away From Buying A House

If one of these scenarios presents itself, as a buyer you should most definitely rethink the sale....
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