Buying a Property for a Vacation Home?

A vacation home is a great place for people to relax and unwind. Currently, there is a rise in the sales of second homes since the prices in RAK as so reasonable right now. In case you are excited to become a second-home owner, there is some amount of planning that must go into ensuring that your new property is enjoyable.

Determine the distance you are ready to travel.
Before making your purchase, go to the area a few times to see the amount of time it takes to reach the destination and to determine whether the distance is apt for you. The majority of people opt for vacation properties that are within a range of 100 to 200 miles from their home so ideally within the UAE the distance would be reasonable. However, with the great travel links into RAK we are getting more and more interest from non- residents.

Spend adequate time in the area.
It is a good idea to look around thoroughly and see the various local hot spots near the place where you wish to purchase your vacation property. Learn whether the area has what you require, since the entire vacation will not be spent at that home.

Look for a reasonably sized home.
Never opt for a house that is very large and can be difficult to maintain. While a big, rambling beach house may sound like a great idea, it may exceed your budget as the maintenance costs could be very high. Do not forget that this will be a second home that you must maintain and hence, you must know the amount of time and money it would require to keep up.

Hire a home inspector.
Once you find something you like look into a home inspection. Even if the property looks impeccable to the naked eye, it does not necessarily mean it is perfect. A few challenges, including walls, are only identified upon close inspection.

A vacation home is a great place for weekend getaways. Today’s real estate market provides buyers with great homes at reasonable prices. In case you require assistance with locating or selling a vacation home, get in touch with us today.

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