The Role of your Property Manager

The role of the property manager can sometimes be misunderstood. Property investors sometimes feel that the role does not extend beyond the collection and remittance of rental funds and acting as a buffer between the landlord and the tenant. Any investor in property would benefit from a professional property manager but it is essential to know what to look for: A professional who is experienced in...

Zoom Room

The Newest Addition To A Buyers’ Wish List: ‘Zoom Rooms’

As remote working becomes the norm, real estate agents are highlighting ‘Zoom rooms’, which are spaces with perfect backgrounds for virtual meeting Before the pandemic a dazzling kitchen, a spacious entertainment area and a cozy primary bedroom may have been enough to seal the deal. However, as the pandemic continues and remote working becomes the norm, buyers are looking for something else – Zoom...

The Most Dirtiest Places In Your Home And How To Clean Them

It wouldn’t take a scientific study to convince you that your pristine and tidy kitchen may still be dirtier than your bathroom. Here is a little truth about germs and where they accumulate the most. Many exist in plain sight (that’s if you could see them) on surfaces in your home you only thought were clean but actually contain many germs. Be sure to look at these areas in more detail the next time...

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