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Founded in 2007, Hunt and Harris Real Estate first opened our UAE doors in Ras Al Khamiah.

Since then, our agency has flourished vastly. How have we grown across the UAE? We believe we’ve been able to expand our horizons due to the way we work. We put a great deal of focus into fully satisfying our customer needs. We have an ever-growing clientele who, rest assured, can be confident that they are receiving the highest quality, most ecient and most professional service in our busy marketplace. We strive to achieve honesty, integrity and professionalism in everything we do. We are able to achieve this and much more due to our state of the art computerized facilities and systems which enable us to help you search for your perfect residential, commercial or investment property.

Our Strategy

Our values are simple and our performance is exemplary. We understand that in today’s busy market, whether you are buying, selling, investing or more, it can be confusing and stressful to navigate around what the real estate market really has to over. What you really want to know is


How can I ensure I am making the best and
most informed decision?
our strategy

To combat this, our strategy is built around de-tangling the market and helping to make things as simple as possible for all our customers. We do the hard work for you, and simply provide you with a simple explanation and some exceptional results. Our services are hassle-free and exciting, and the process is always smooth and brilliantly executed. And don’t worry, you are kept up-to-date from start to finish, ensuring a transparent service is maintained throughout the process.

Meet Our Owners

Our owners are a dynamic, hard-working and passionate duo named Wendy Stapleton and Neema Kataria.

Neema joined the company in 2008 having gathered 10 years experience and an abundance of knowledge in both the property and financial real estate market in the UAE.

Wendy Stapleton 

Wendy is the Managing Director of our brand. She moved to Dubai in 2003 and developed an incredibly successful real estate career. She worked for several different companies in the market and was able to establish herself as a leading consultant for one of the most successful real estate companies in the UAE. Her wealth of experience and depth of knowledge helped lay the foundation for what would soon become Hunt and Harris Real Estate in 2007.


Neema Kataria

Neema is the Managing Partner of Hunt and Harris Real Estate. She attended Brunel University in London and acquired a degree in Management and made her very first property investment in 2002. After gaining some pretty inexpensible experience during her career, Neema partnered up with a large developer in Dubai and began mentoring a team of young and eager real estate professionals. Neema became a leading broker the industry, and one that was well respected by her peers.



Shortly after Neema joined the team, the 2008 economic disaster and recession occurred. Rather than panicking and calling it quits when times get tough, the pair worked together as infallible leaders, and overcame obstacles to continue to grow rather than fail during this turbulent time. Wendy continued to work as diligently as ever to ensure her precious client base was maintained and not lost. Wendy was able to carry on providing exceptional service to her clientele during this tough time. Neema also took matters into her own hands, and started to develop and train a team to their highest potential. Neema and Wendy worked in perfect synchronisation were dubbed as the ‘Dynamic Duo’. The pairs aligned beliefs for Hunt and Harris Real Estate is that they will continue to provide their personnel with the skills and knowledge they need to perfectly and professionally serve their clients in the same way that they would.

Our Team Structure

We employ and train seasoned agents that are motivated, passionate and professional. We believe that teamwork is a fundamental aspect to creating a long-lasting, successful and sustainable business. Our team members are multilingual and they are each are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of service. We ensure each and every one of our team is happy in their role, progressing in the industry and passionate about what they do

Our team is broken down into sub teams to ensure that we can provide our customers with the exact service that will be most suitable for their unique requirements. These departments operate separately of one another, but of course integrate when necessary. Our agents are more than willing to guide you across the individual departments to ensure you are placed in the correct arm of our business and get the service you desire.

Our Departments Include

Commercial Leasing Department

   Corporate Residential Solution

Investment Opportunities

   Portfolio   Management

   Residential  Leasing  Department

  Residential   Sales Department

Our Services

Our variety of services each ensure that our customers are experiencing the highest quality service, and only the most exceptional results. Our services include:

Rseidential Sales

Our extensive experience and wealth of knowledge of the UAE area enables us to find our clients their perfect home. Our vast knowledge combined with our expert team ensures our customers will experience exceeded expectations and a beautiful home for life.

Corporate Residential Solution

Whether your business or simply some key members of your team are planning to relocate, Hunt and Harris Real Estate can help. We have dedicated professionals who are experts in Corporate Residential Solutions and will work efficiently and pour passion into finding you the perfect location to help your business flourish.

Portfolio Management

At Hunt and Harris Real Estate, we will create and manage your
investment portfolio to the highest standard to ensure you get
the best returns and rewards. If required and alongside your
approval, we can also buy, sell and rent properties on your
behalf and with the utmost professional service

Leasing Services

Our experienced team are experts in the ins and outs of the UAE. Our knowledge expands from the key areas down to the more hidden spots to ensure we find our customers a rental that perfectly suits their needs.

Investment Opportunities

We get that investing in property can be scary. But we also recognize that it is one of the most exciting and admirable accomplishments. We work with you to ensure you are getting the best return-on-investment. Our dedicated team will take into account every small and large detail from capital growth and rental returns to maximize your property
for the long-term.

Property Management Service

With our Portfolio Management Services, we understand that the needs of customers vary from client to client. Because of this we deeply analyze, appraise and value your property to ensure we can tailor to your properties most specific needs at all times. We work with you every step of the way and ensure you are always kept 100% up to date so that you can have peace of mind knowing your property is being looked after by the best in the business.


We incorporate irreplaceable
expertise with undeniable customer
service which will allow us to become
the most inclusive agency and
company of choice in the UAE.



We are committed to providing world class products and services, upholding transparency, customer centricity and professional standards at the highest level possible.

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