About MAK: -

MAK Property Conveyancers was formed in 2009 by its founder and Principal, Karen Kendall.

The MAK team deals daily with Buyers, Sellers, Lenders, Developers and the various property related authorities in the U.A.E. (such as Land Department), hence MAK has developed a close and unique understanding and relationship with the different stakeholders.

This unique and skilled understanding by the MAK team ensures all matters the MAK team attend to have been completed correctly, efficiently and all regulatory processes and requirements have been met.

 Who is it for?

Anyone who is buying or selling a property, gifting part-ownership to a spouse or other family member or even applying for their initial title deed should use a Conveyancer to handle the legal aspects involved, ensuring a smooth, safe transaction. 

In most countries around the world, legal Conveyancers are almost always used to complete the work, ensuring that there are no mistakes and that the client is protected, under the law.


Property Conveyancing, Property Transfers.

o   Representing;

  •   Sellers
  •   Buyers
  •   Lenders
  •   Developers
  •   Power of Attorney (POA).

(MAK can act as your limited POA if the Buyer, Seller, Lender or Developer is unable to personally attend at the transfer, NOCs and/or settlement).

  •        Coordination and Facilitation of Property Related Legal

Services. (Through licensed Dubai Lawyers).

  •        Property Dispute Resolution and Mediation.
  •        RERA and Land Department Related Matters.
  •        Property / Development – Title Deed Services.

(Coordinating and sourcing of property title deeds through Land Department).

  •        Property Handover Certificates.

(Snagging reports).

  •        Property Consultancy Services.

MAK can deal with, coordinate and assist with most property transfer and title deed related matters. If MAK cannot directly assist with your specific matter or issue, often through MAKs network of service professionals, a recommendation to a well-respected and suitable service provider can be provided.

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