Manta Bay

Discover the Epitome of Island Luxury at Manta Bay

Manta Bay, the latest addition to the Maldives’ tourist destinations, is located on the picturesque Marjan Island. This new development is distinguished by its revolutionary facade, which underscores the beauty and prestige of the area, making it a standout attraction. Its design features panoramic glazing, ensuring that the natural splendor of the surroundings is seamlessly integrated into the living experience. More than 80% of the territory is dedicated to landscaped areas, promoting a harmonious balance between development and nature. Furthermore, Manta Bay prioritizes open spaces, offering residents and visitors alike the luxury of a private terrace in each apartment, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their own slice of paradise.

Where Nature Meets Modern Elegance
Introducing a groundbreaking innovation in luxury living: the world’s first sandy beach situated atop a building, soaring 80 meters above ground level. This architectural marvel, featuring beach design and pop-up elements from a renowned brand, sets a new standard for exclusive amenities. With a focus on maximizing investment returns, the development offers a large selection of small units, including studios and one-bedroom apartments, designed to facilitate easy renting, ensure high occupancy rates, and guarantee stable annual rental income. Despite plans to expand up to 12,000 apartments, there are currently only 30 available, making this an exclusive opportunity. Each apartment comes with hotel-grade service, including tenant transfers, ensuring a seamless and luxurious living experience that redefines urban living.

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