“Off-plan” refers to when you buy a property and sign a property contract for a property that has not yet been built. In some cases, basic construction may have started but the unit would not be ready or viewable. To purchase you would need to make an objective decision with just renderings, floorplans, virtual tours and possibly a site visit to view the actual location.
Strong Returns On Investment

These properties suit those that are looking to invest in property but may not have the necessary down payment for a ready property. Off-plan units are generally sold below the market-value offering investors a chance to sell at a much higher price on completion. An off-plan property will also rise in value naturally as the project is completed. This type of investment does not suit those that are looking for an immediate return on investment.

Great Choice of Property Units

When you are purchasing an off-plan unit, you have access to more inventory compared to the ready property market. This allows you the opportunity to find the most suitable property for your needs without having to make allowances for views, floor plans and requirements. 

Flexible Payment Terms

Off-plan properties usually offer very flexible and friendly payment plans for purchasers. Starting with a low reservation fee for a unit (anywhere from 2 -10% as a down payment). This is paid to reserve your selected unit. There will typically be another similar size fee due within the following 30 days as you sign your Sales and Purchase Agreement. The balance payments will be payable in line with construction and a final payment on handover.