Some mistakes by sellers and how to avoid making them

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If this is your first time dealing with the selling process you may be feeling confused and apprehensive. However, for us at Hunt and Harris Real Estate the process of selling a home is usually a seamless and everyday process. But problems may arise if you do not remain careful and consult a specialist.

Here are some common mistakes that first-time home sellers usually make along with the best ways to avoid them.

Selling Without Representation by Experts

A lot of first-time sellers attempt to do this all alone. The process of selling a house in Ras Al Khaimah involves significant financial and legal paperwork and, in such cases, it is very important to have adequate experience. Choose an agent who is familiar with the area, who understands the processes and procedures and who also has a track record of completing sales in the area.

Check for Google reviews.

Prioritizing Emotions Over Logic

The next step involves ensuring that the selling process is not affected by your emotions. A lot of sellers tend to be emotionally attached to their homes. This works well for as long as you intend on staying there. However, it is particularly problematic when you are selling the house. It’s important to allow logic and reason to steer the entire process. Don’t allow your emotions to take over if you want to avoid a problematic sale.

Pricing Beyond the Realistic Range

Some sellers often make the mistake of either asking far too much or too little! Do remember that the local real estate market largely impacts the correct asking price for your home. Current listings, as well as recent sales of homes similar to yours, usually determine the generally expected price range among buyers. Hence, this must be observed. You can do a quick check on the various property portals to assist you with this. However, its best to determine the actual asking price with the assistance of your real estate agent who will be familiar with what is being sold and for what price.

Selling at the Wrong Time

Lastly, another crucial mistake to avoid is listing your home for sale in the wrong environment. A variety of parameters make the local real estate market extremely dynamic.  Some of these parameters include the seasons, other local home listings, new home construction, as well as the local UAE real estate trends. If you are not in a hurry, we recommend allowing your agent to advise you when it’s a good time to list your home.


Although it can be frightening to sell your first home, it can also be made a very a seamless process if you opt for the right professional representation. If you would like to know more about our home selling process, please contact us.

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