Some Tips for Preparing a Home for Sale

Some tips for preparing a home for sale

Demand for homes in vacation markets, where space is more abundant than in dense cities, has not yet abated. With that in mind, here are some tips that have helped us in recent months.

1. Look at a long-term strategy

One reason why local inventory is low is that many homeowners originally purchased their vacation properties as investments—and they jumped at the opportunity to sell as soon as the market value soared.

These transactions may have been a boost for agents, but for other would-be sellers, it created all sorts of challenges. For example, we now have a lack of available rental spaces, so even if someone wants to sell their home, they have nowhere nearby to move to in the meantime.

You need to look at a larger holistic plan — once you put your property on the market, where will you locate to temporarily and then permanently?

How can we help you with this process?

Remember its fine for you to live in the home after you’ve listed it, and we will be extremely respectful of your space and time as we schedule showings with buyers. But let’s be sure to discuss this in advance.

2. You should sell us your home

We ask our clients to walk us through their home and tell us about it. All the best, most attractive features as if they’re the agent and we are a potential buyer.

3. Create continuity between the inside and outside

The past year has certainly demonstrated beyond a doubt that homebuyers want outdoor space and privacy.

When preparing a property for sale, we recommend paying particular attention to the landscaping. It’s a part of the home that sellers are likely to forget, and yet well-kept grounds can amplify curb appeal and signal the blended indoor-outdoor lifestyle today’s luxury buyers are looking for.

Here are a few factors we think you should pay attention to.

Outside, a fresh coat of paint on the front door is a simple and impactful way to revitalize the home.

Plants and grass can also get neglected for long periods of time at vacation properties, so have your landscapers trim down or remove anything that’s looking derelict or overgrown.

It will make for a great first photograph on your listing and get prospective buyers to keep clicking through.

Inside, the go-to aesthetic should be light, airy, and decluttered. People are moving at present to have more freedom and space, and that means the openness they desire outdoors should be carried through to the interiors.

Light colors and less furniture will make the property feel like the home they’ve always dreamed of.

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