The Newest Addition To A Buyers’ Wish List: ‘Zoom Rooms’

Zoom Room

As remote working becomes the norm, real estate agents are highlighting ‘Zoom rooms’, which are spaces with perfect backgrounds for virtual meeting

Before the pandemic a dazzling kitchen, a spacious entertainment area and a cozy primary bedroom may have been enough to seal the deal. However, as the pandemic continues and remote working becomes the norm, buyers are looking for something else – Zoom Rooms. A preliminary search on some property portals show that this widely-used phrase has now become a top search item.

Previously everything was about location, location, location, however now it seems that outside space and a work-live-play space are what clients are looking for right now. Before kids could go to the park, they could go to playgrounds or go on play dates, and now people are realizing how important it is to have a space for kids right in your own home where they’re safe and secure while you’re working inside.

These have become main selling points; current buyers are very interested in options of working from home and having a space away from the family to do conference calls.

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