What Can Our Clients Expect from Hunt and Harris Real Estate

We pride ourselves on honesty, transparency and responsibility.

Real estate transactions can be complex legal process’s that bring out emotional highs and lows for our clients. As an agent with a duty to represent our client’s best interests, these are just some of the things you can expect from us.

 1.We will be communicative and responsive

We will always keep you in the loop of communication. In the smartphone era, there’s no excuse for not notifying all concerned parties immediately when there’s a major development in a transaction.

We try to respond quickly when clients have questions or concerns.

 2.We do not give tax or legal advice

A home sale can involve complex tax and legal issues. But as a real estate agent, we are not the best people to assist with tax or legal advice. We will refer you to a specialist in the field.

3.Honesty with disclosures

We will point out any obvious flaws with a property and highlight potential costs to fix. However, we will also recommend an independent inspection for you to make a fully informed decision.

4.Handle multiple offers carefully

In today’s market multiple offers are quickly becoming the norm, but it’s a situation that requires some delicacy. We will present all offers impartially to an owner.

On the client’s side, if we are showing the same listing to multiple clients, we will let you know, so no one feels misled or neglected in the event of a transaction.

 5.We will always be realistic and direct

When we are listing a property, we don’t promise client pricing or profit outcomes. In fact, we try not to make any specific guarantees at all. If we have a seller that wants to list at an unreasonably high price, we will explain that the home won’t attract interest at that number and suggest a more realistic range.

The same rule applies to buyers. If you’re offering on a hot property, we will be clear on the type of competition your facing, and won’t give you false assurances. If you’re putting in a non-competitive offer, we will let know.

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